My Wish For You

This month I was fortunate enough to hire two brand new teachers into the profession.  Both of them graduated from University this spring and are taking the big step of entering their careers in full time, full year teaching contracts.

I feel privileged to be a part of this big step.  I hope to do everything right for them, to support them, inspire and encourage.  I hope that they are one of those people who has 30 or more years in the teaching field resulting in a long, rewarding career.

My wishes for them and for every new teacher, well for every teacher new and old that is…

I wish that….

  • you will always feel a strong sense of belonging; that you matter, that you are cared about, the people look forward to seeing you each day;
  • you will always love children, even the most difficult ones;

    Child 1

    (Photo cr: Tony Trần)

  • you will learn, grow, reflect and demand the best of yourself as a teacher;
  • you will make lifelong friends with other teachers and staff you meet;
  • you will be kind and helpful, always;
  • you will continue to educate yourself;
  • you will make a difference.
I am so looking forward to this year and being a part of these wishes.  If you had a wish for a brand new teacher, what would it be?


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